Individual Counselling

What to Expect on your Personal Counselling Journey.

Following your free consultation, if you decide to proceed, we will arrange our first session with you. This session will include an assessment which will enable your Counsellor to further gather information such as your background, concerns, goals, expectations and to better understand your unique situation. The session also gives your Counsellor the chance to share with you what they are able to offer and together you can identify your specific goals and objectives.

This stage is crucial as it helps to place you and your Counsellor on the same page, so to speak. It also serves as a catalyst for building a good relationship.  


We adopt a person-centred approach so, be rest assured that the process is all about you and what is best for you. Short-term counselling lasts on average between 6-12 weeks, medium-term counselling,  between 12- 20 and long-term counselling can be open-ended. This is part of what is discussed in your first session with plans to review it regularly.  

Explore and discuss your feelings, thoughts and concerns to give you understanding and clarity

Help you identify and develop coping strategies to deal with your problems e.g  learning new skills or approaches to manage stress, anxiety, depression, anger, resentment or other emotional challenges

Work with you to create a plan for implementing new behaviors or modify existing ones.

Provide the space for you to be heard, understood, and validated which is essential for your healing, empowerment, and in growing your confidence


You can also choose to engage in ongoing counselling for maintenance or preventive purposes, such as having sessions once a month, bi-monthly, or as often as you want, to maintain your mental health and well-being.

In the proceeding weeks, your Counsellor will engage you in open and honest discussions where you are encouraged to talk about your thoughts, feelings and concerns. The sessions are confidential and non-judgemental. You are the expert about yourself, what we do is use tried and tested skills and techniques to help you gain a deeper understanding of your issues and yourself. 

Throughout the process, your Counsellor will assess your progress and with your collaboration, make adjustments to your plan, where necessary.  

The counselling process will end when you have achieved your goal, made sufficient progress or when you wish to end it for whatever reason.  It is best to plan the ending in which case, your last session will be used to reflect on your experience and discuss strategies for maintaining the skills you have learnt during the process.